It all started when my daughter began to slip away...
I was lost and couldn't find the help I needed for her.  
Now, I'm coaching other moms on how to get their children the help they need.  

Hello, I'm Leigh Ann
I'm a native of Illinois and a proud work-at-home mom to three amazing girls and a very active boy (twelve-year-old Emma, nine-year-old twins Olivia and Isabelle, and three-year-old Sam). As the wife of a Navy husband, I've been fortunate to have lived in some incredible locations, including Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, and Washington D.C. My passions include teaching, napping, and clean living. As a graduate of the University of Iowa and the University of North Florida with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education, respectively, I've been able to live out my passion for teaching by spending over a decade in the classroom as an elementary school teacher, instructional coach, and university professor. 


My passion for clean living really took off with my introduction to essential oils. In March of 2015, after trying hundreds of different methods, I was nearly completely out of ideas for combating my daughter's ever-growing and debilitating anxiety; that is when I discovered essential oils. Once referred to by the family as “Olivia’s Oils,” the essential oils that I discovered in 2015 have become a foundational piece in my family’s health and wellness routine. 

The transition proved unexpected, but I have learned much along the journey.  My children are more calm and happy, my family and pets are healthier and sick less often, and my past income as a professor and teacher has been fully replaced. My job as an essential oils expert and educator is, by far, the most rewarding and enjoyable job I've held. 

Our Story

A few years ago our family had, perhaps our most challenging year. It was littered with moving trucks, hotel rooms, long drives, and plane rides; the year truly stressed our family.   

Each step along the way presented a different challenge: broken furniture on the pack-out, lost luggage, delays in attempting to ship cars to Hawaii, etc., etc. Our stress, our anxiety, and our lack of stability clearly impacted our family, and more specifically our daughter Olivia (a 3-year-old at the time). 

It seemed, unfortunately, that at every step along the way her anxiety became much worse and her speech regressed; it was heartbreaking to observe and not know how to help.

I, of course, researched tons of different methods to calm and help Olivia.  At that point, I was hopeless and scared. A week later and I was at my breaking point.  We were sitting in my friend Molly’s basement and while two of my girls were having the time of their lives playing with the toys from Molly’s kids, Olivia wouldn’t depart my lap.  She was literally squeezing my body to the point of her own utter exhaustion.

 Molly calmly offered, “I have oils, what’s it going to hurt?” In an effort to appease Molly (I really didn’t want to be rude), we gave them a try.

To say that I was not a believer is an understatement. Molly got out a reference guide and picked an oil and I may have called her the crazy snake oil lady under my breath as she rubbed the oil on Olivia. In mere minutes, however, my world changed and my outlook and belief in oils completely reversed.   Olivia quietly got up out of my lap and simply joined the other children in play. She just stood up and walked over as if that move was no big deal!

After that day my decision to buy our own set of oils was an easy one.  What was not clear was HOW I was supposed to use them.   After spending way too much money and way too much time on learning every technique imaginable, I finally found the system that works for us.   Now, I have packaged up the absolute necessities for you, a brand new oiler, to get started…(without the confusion  and clutter.) 

The Fun Facts

FUN FACT ABOUT YOU - what you love, your favorite activities, quirks/personality traits, etc. 
Things I cant live without...

coffee, essential oils, Jesus, and naps.

I am from...

a superb of Chicago but I've lived in a million different places.

On the weekends I'm...

at the beach.

My favorite Movie is...

Christmas Vacation.

Something people don't 
typically know about me...

I can't stand chocolate cake.

My favorite place on this planet...

my home.

Grab my free class... 
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