Don't waste any more time or money.

If you can give me a few nap times this week, you’ll soon have the confidence to use your oils and support your health and the skills to live holistically.  Schedule a time today for your free 30-minute consultation to see if this bundle is the right fit for you.  

Why work with me?

Because I was exactly where you are today...confused, frustrated, and tired of spending unnecessary time and money.  With just a little help from me, you can become the guardian of your household and be able to:

  • Start using essential oils safely for members of your family of all ages (so that not one more bottle of essential oils goes to waste.)

  • Boost your immune system without breaking the bank (so you can support your natural defenses and fill your medicine cabinet with little bottles of essential oil goodness.

  • Simplify your daily wellness routine (so you can be more consistent with your habits.)

  • Safely and easily create roller bottles (to conveniently support your - and your children’s -  physical and emotional well-being wherever you are.)

  • Quickly and easily grab the tools you’ll need (so you can stop spending a fortune on unnecessary and unused items that are adding to your clutter.)

  • Keep track of your needs, recipes, and supply levels, knowing exactly what you have and need to keep your routines running smoothly.

Here's what you get with my comprehensive kit:


6 weeks of 1:1 coaching via Marco Polo or Voxer

All of the necessary supplies to get started, including over $400 worth of Young Living essential oils PLUS a diffuser

Access to over 20 classes accessible via text or our very own educational app

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