Meet Leigh Ann...

  • Bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa in Elementary Education, specializing in reading and language arts.
  • Master’s in Elementary Education from the University of North Florida.
  • Classroom experience in kindergarten, second, and fifth grade.
  • Administrative experience as an Instructional Coach and Cadre team member for Duval county.
  • University experience as a clinical educator for University of North Florida.
My mission is to provide quality tutoring that supports student learning and empowers students to achieve success. I saw tremendous success with my own children using this system.  Not only did their reading levels soar, but their confidence blossomed.  Contact me below and I'll share my calendar so we can find a time to chat.

Here’s Why My Program Works:

This method instills confidence, helps children overcome learning disorders, and makes it easier for children to learn to read, including children with dyslexia and other learning challenges.


Lessons involve all the major pathways to the brain: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Sequential and Incremental

Concepts are taught in a logical, well planned sequence.  Each lesson carefully builds upon the previous.


Constant and consistent review of previously taught concepts is provided.


The unique needs of each student are met.

Based on Phonograms

English is simplified by teaching letters and letter combinations known as phonograms.


Students are taught exactly what they need to know in a clear and straightforward manner.

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