Are ready to explore some healthy tips to get your wellness journey started off right? 

I know that some healthy lifestyle choices are hard. Do you struggle to order the salad over the burger? Lack motivation to get your booty off the couch and get some exercise? Been there! But guess what?! YL makes it easy to make healthy choices and you are going to discover how in this post! 

**Before we get too deep, I want to remind you that...I'm just like you. I am not a doctor. I am not here to diagnose, treat, or cure any of your illnesses. The content I cover is for informational purposes only and is presented from my own studies and experiences. Now then, let's get started!


When exercise and healthy changes become a big part of our new routine it is important to stay hydrated for many reasons. It regulates body temperature, lubricates joints, and transports nutrients and waste throughout the body, which are all important for health. 
1. Don't confuse hunger with thirst! The same part of your brain is responsible for both, which can result in mixed signals. 
2. When you think you're hungry, try drinking a glass of water & waiting 15 min. If this satisfies you, you were thirsty. Some dehydration symptoms include dry eyes, headache, sluggishness, nausea, dizziness, dry skin & constipation. 
3. One of my favorite ways to spruce up a glass of water is to add YL's Vitality oils. One drop is powerful enough to flavor a big glass of water. Add your favorite flavor and enjoy a refreshing glass of water.
Flavors to try: Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Lime, Tangerine or Peppermint Vitality!

- Lemon Vitality supports your detoxification organs. 
- Grapefruit Vitality is a great way to support a healthy metabolism which is important to reach your weight goals. 
- Peppermint Vitality is perfect in your fitness water when you are looking for more endurance and support with oxygenation. 
- Rosemary Vitality can add a special twist to your citrus water. It supports your immune, respiratory, and nervous system. 

*NOTE: When drinking citrus water, make sure you drink out of stainless steel, glass, or ceramic. Citrus oils will eat away at anything with petrochemicals in it and you do not want to be digesting broken down petrochemicals.
Citrus oils are cold pressed from the rind. The essential oil does not contain critic acid which means sipping on lemon water flavored by essential oils is not harsh on your enamel like it is when you squeeze a fresh lemon into your water. 

There are lots of different breakfast options and NO, donuts aren't on your list anymore, even if they are filled with "fruit." Coffee is also not an acceptable "breakfast" when you are creating new healthy habits. If you usually find yourself grabbing a quick EASY Pop-Tart breakfast or skipping because you don't have time, go to bed 15 minutes earlier so you can wake up 15 minutes earlier and have time for a HEALTHY breakfast. You don't have to over complicate it. A killer smoothie is just the thing you need to get your day going and takes about 5 minutes to make.

Some powerful ingredients to a morning smoothie are NingXia Red, Lemon Vitality, and any protein powder from Young Living.

- NingXia Red is full of antioxidants from Chinese wolfberries and other fruit juices. They create an unfriendly environment for free radicals which is a huge PLUS! Google it if you don't know about free radicals.
- Lemon Vitality supports your detoxification organs which are important for keeping the body healthy and clean.
- Protein is a building block of cells throughout the body. It is necessary for healthy skin, nails, muscles, cartilage and blood. Protein helps to build and repair bodily tissues, and it is used to produce hormones and enzymes. 

Protein also provides the amino acids your brain needs to function at its optimal level. When you eat protein for breakfast, you will feel more energized and ready to take on your day.

Adults in the U.S. are encouraged to get 10% to 35% of their daily calories from protein-rich foods. That's about 46 grams of protein for women, and 56 grams of protein for men. (

Popular YL protein powders are:
- Pure Protein Complete - Chocolate Item # 3298 - 25 grams of Protein per serving (2 scoops)
- Pure Protein Complete - Vanilla Spice 3301 - 25 grams of Protein per serving (2 scoops)
- Slique Shake - 16 grams of protein per serving (1 package) Item #5552 (Vegan option)

Spinach is a great green to add to your smoothie because it doesn't have an overpowering flavor. Raw spinach is not as nutritious as cooked spinach. Its iron content is more available when cooked and it contains considerably larger amounts of beta-carotene, lutein, vitamins, and minerals; however, cooking your spinach before tossing it in a smoothie just tacks on more time. In order to increase the absorption of these vital minerals, eat your raw spinach with citrus fruits. The vitamin C helps facilitate iron absorption. The easiest way to do this is to add a splash of citrus. I also add a drop or two of citrus vitality to bring a little sweetness to the dish. #SpinachHack

Below are some smoothie recipes you simply MUST try...

1 oz NingXia Red
2 drops Lemon Vitality
Splash of Orange Juice or any citrus juice
1 Slique Shake packet
1 cup mixed frozen organic berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)
1 handful of organic spinach
1 cup almond or coconut milk

2 scoops Pure Protein Complete Vanilla
1/2 of a large frozen organic banana
1/2 cup frozen organic blueberries
1 spoonful of organic peanut butter (or any other nut butter)
1 cup Almond or coconut milk

1 big spoonful of organic peanut butter or any other nut butter
2 scoops of Pure Protein Complete Chocolate
12 oz Almond milk

About three hours after you eat your yummy breakfast, grab a healthy snack. By eating every three hours, blood sugar levels will be more consistent and the body's metabolism will remain in a heightened state. 

Prepare your snacks in advance to make them easy to grab-and-go. If you have a snack on hand, you are less likely to turn to something sugary and processed that will make you feel sluggish while hindering your new healthy habits. Let's look at some different nut options for your trail mix...

~ALMONDS lower cholesterol & are a good source of the minerals zinc, magnesium & potassium. Rich in antioxidant vitamin E, they support the brain, the cardiovascular & respiratory systems + help keep skin healthy. Their high fiber helps regulate blood sugar. 
~CASHEWS contain lots of minerals, making them great for healthy bones & also with the formulation of collagen, essential for healthy skin & body tissue. They contain healthy fats that protect against heart disease & cancer. 
~PISTACHIOS contain the two anti-inflammatories beta-carotene & the compound oleanolic acid, as well as phytosterols, a type of anti-inflammatory plant hormone associated with improved immune function. 

~WALNUTS are a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid. ALA helps lower "unhealthy" (LDL) cholesterol levels & keeps arteries healthy. They also contain the antioxidants ellagic acid and a mix of tocopherols including alpha, delta & gamma tocopherol, which help reduce the risk of cancer & heart disease. 

Mix these nuts in any ratio to your liking and then top them off with the powerhouse super fruit, dried NINGXIA WOLFBERRIES. NingXia Wolfberries add a bit of sweetness to each bite. They also add even more antioxidants and support healthy muscles, vision, and neurological system. They also support a healthy metabolic system which is important in the production of energy and oxygen being carried by red blood cells.

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT forget to add these awesome dried berries to your snack to make it colorful, yummy, and healthy! 
Organic Dried Wolfberries 16 oz Item #6360

Nothing says healthy louder than a salad, but salads can be boring unless you douse them in dressing, which defeats the purpose of having a salad. My best tip for making salads that are enjoyable is to add multiple textures and top it off with a dressing that is healthy and delicious. 

Combine some of these healthy favorites for a variety of nutrients:
~Mixed greens - add a variety of nutrients.
Carrots, cucumbers, and celery add a nice crunch. 
~Avocado - This healthy fat helps keep joints supple, lowers blood pressure, and helps improve fertility! ~Remember when I talked about adding citrus to your spinach to increase absorption? Adding avocado fruit to a salad helps increase the bioavailability of its lutein, a carotenoid that can’t be absorbed unless accompanied by fat.

TIP: The majority of the nutrients in avocados is in the dark green part closest to the skin. Make sure you scrape all that goodness into your salad, or cut the avocado in quarters and peel the skin off as you would a banana. 

If you are not avoiding nightshade vegetables, add in some peppers! They are great for healthy skin, bone, eye and heart health. 

Add extra liver support by including arugula, dandelion, radishes, and beets in your salad. 
Now that your salad is filled with colorful, nutritious veggies, it's time to top it with a dressing that is delicious and nutritious. 

- 1 oz NingXia Red
- 1 oz. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- 1 oz. Apple Cider Vinegar
- 3 drops Lime Vitality Essential Oil
Blend together in a blender or with a hand mixer to emulsify. Store in the fridge.

Veggies and dip anyone? Here is an enjoyable vegetable dip recipe to help you last through the afternoon all the way to dinner. 

2 cups plain Greek yogurt
6 drops Dill Vitality™ oil or 1 tablespoon dried dill weed
2 drops Lemon Vitality oil or ½ teaspoon lemon juice
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 teaspoon onion powder
½ teaspoon Himalayan pink salt
Mix together, chop your favorite veggies and enjoy! 
Let's address the health benefits of dill and garlic.
DILL essential oil has a calming effect on the digestive tract.

GARLIC is a natural anticoagulant; it helps strengthen your immune system, removes toxins and pollutants, and contains anti-cancer substances.

Finding ways to make old snacks with a healthy twist can be the trick to allowing you to stay on track with your new health goals. 

Making your own dinner will not only save you money, but it will also help you cut back on calories and allow you to eat a well balanced meal. 
Einkorn Rotini Pasta item # 5750
No Preservatives | Non-GMO Ingredients | Stone-Ground Ancient Grain

Einkorn is one of the oldest varieties of wheat; Einkorn’s natural genetic code and low gluten levels make it more compatible with the human body than modern, hybridized wheat. What does that mean? 

It means that Einkorn grain is easier to digest, making nutrients better absorbed by the body. And speaking of nutrients, many vitamins and minerals are also more abundant in Einkorn grain than in modern wheat, making it a must-have for your pantry. 

Made of highly nutritious, unhybridized Einkorn flour, Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Rotini is your go-to foundation for nutritious, delicious, fun meals that bring the goodness of Einkorn wheat to the dinner table. Einkorn Rotini is just one more way Young Living is delivering goodness from their fields to your family.

Here is a hearty and healthy dinner recipe that will have everyone asking for seconds, guilt-free and easy as 1, 2, 3...
1. 1 bag Einkorn Pasta - cook per directions. Do NOT overcook pasta. 
2. Drizzle olive oil on pasta. 
3. Add favorite veggies and toppers such as broccoli, red and orange peppers, black olives, mozzarella cheese. Chill in the fridge and enjoy! Perfect for a quick healthy dinner when you have had a late night at the office or have to rush off to take the kids to practice. 

For some, the eating part of health and wellness is hard and for others, it's the exercise that's the hardest. You have all the best intentions to work out, but to actually get up, put your shoes on, and get out the door to break a sweat is insanely challenging. 
This is a time when we absolutely turn to our essential oils to support our emotions and help get us moving. 
If you are feeling unmotivated, grab your Motivation blend! 
If you are feeling frustrated, grab your Release blend. 
If you feel like things just aren't going how you want, grab your Believe blend and start speaking life over yourself. 
These singles and blends are great for your healthy diet and exercise goals, but they can be used to support every other aspect of your life as well. 
If you are looking for a prosperous New Year, then Abundance oil NEEDS to be your new daily habit. 

I know it may seem a bit bizarre to apply oils to start attracting everything good in your life, but it works. If you don't believe me, sniff some Believe oil, apply your Abundance and watch the magic happen. 

It has to do with frequencies. Have you ever heard anyone say, "I always have bad luck"? It could very well be because they send out negative energy and they get back what they put out, negative energy, AKA bad luck. Emotions have a frequency. When you put out positive high frequencies, you get back positive high frequencies, AKA great amazing things happening in your life. Abundance helps you do that. 

Some must-have favorites to diffuse for New Year's goals are...
- Abundance
- Believe
- Motivation
- Gratitude
- Acceptance
- Release
--Present Time

Diffuse them individually when needed, or combine two drops Abundance, two drops Motivation, and 3 drops Lemon for a KILLER motivational all-things-good blend. 

Talcum powder is one of those ingredients commonly found in baby and body powders. While some argue it is "safe," others disagree, and after Johnson & Johnson had to pay out $417 million in damages to a terminally ill woman due to the talcum in their baby powder, I am going to just err on the side of caution and stick with a homemade version that I KNOW is safe and effective. 

- 1/2 cup Arrowroot powder (substitute all or part cornstarch if desired)
- 1/4 cup Kaolin Clay
- 1/4 cup Magnesium Carbonate powder (sub Baking Soda if desired)
- 8 drops Lavender Essential Oil
- 8 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
- 5 drops Rosemary Essential Oil 
Blend arrowroot, kaolin clay and magnesium carbonate well in a small bowl. Add essential oils and blend well to distribute the essential oils. Store in an air-tight container. Apply to under arms, feet and any other areas you want to keep dry. 

SOURCE REFERENCE: Article on J&J pay out. (…/is-talcum-powder-safe-ova…)

New health goals may lead you to the gym more often than you have gone in the past, which is GREAT, but frequent trips to the gym can lead to a less than desirable smell from your gym bag. Don't let your gym bag odor keep you from focusing on your fitness. This easy Gym Bag Freshening Spray can be used on your clothes, shoes, in your bag or anywhere else you feel needs a little refresher. 

- 2 TBS witch hazel
- 15 drops of preferred essential oil
- 3 oz of water
Combine ingredients and use as needed. 
Purification is great for getting odors out of shoes and a stinky gym bag.
Thieves is preferred when wet gym clothes will be stuck in your bag all day. 

There is nothing worse than getting back in the gym or hitting the pavement and then being so sore the following day or two that you can't get back out there to break another sweat. While there are so many essential oils to use during your work out, there is one combo that is perfect for your muscles and joints post-work-out. Whip yourself up this body butter and store at room temperature. Apply this muscle relief cream to main areas you targeted during your work-out. Apply several times within 24 hours for more relief. 

Don't forget to drink extra citrus water to stay hydrated. 

1/2 cup Shea Butter
1/2 cup Cocoa Butter
1/2 cup Coconut Oil
1/2 cup light oil (like almond, jojoba or olive)
15 drops PanAway - soothing to muscles and joints.
10 drops Peppermint - add more for a deeper cooling sensation.
10 drops Marjoram - relaxing and calming to muscles.
10 drops Copaiba - known to enhance the effects of other oils.

- In a double boiler, combine Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, and Jojoba oil. Stir constantly until melted. 
- Remove from heat and let cool slightly.
- Mix in your essential oils.
- Move to fridge and let cool another 1 hour or until starting to harden but still somewhat soft.
- Use a hand mixer to whip for 10 minutes until fluffy.
- Return to fridge for 10-15 minutes to set.
- Store in a glass jar with a lid.
Wintergreen and Lavender are two other favorites and perfect for post workout muscle cream.

Did you know that coffee grounds have amazing benefits for your skin? Benefits include: 
- exfoliating and soothing of skin
- anti-inflammatory properties and reduced eye puffiness
- temporary reduction of cellulite
- improved circulation

Caffeine actually helps tighten the skin, which can help reduce cellulite. When applied under and around the eyes, it can minimize the appearance of puffy eyes because caffeine restricts blood vessels, which reduces swelling and inflammation. It can also help treat non-hereditary dark circles under the eyes.
- 8 oz glass jar lid
- 10 drops Grapefruit
- 5 drops Cypress
- 1 cup ground coffee
- ½ cup olive oil or other oil of your choosing
- Combine all ingredients.
- Mix together well.
- Store in a cool dark place. 
Apply all over in the shower a few times a week to desired areas such as thighs, belly + arms & rinse off. 

Because Grapefruit essential oil benefits healthy skin with an uplifting aroma, it is a key ingredient in popular Young Living products such as Cel-Lite Magic™ Massage Oil, Highest Potential™, and Citrus Fresh™. But, as first, so a reminder...citrus oils can be photosensitive. So, be sure to use proper precautions when applying to skin within a few hours of sun exposure!

Whew!  That was a lot, friend.  But, I am so excited to see your health improve and I am so proud you have taken time to focus on your own health and well being. 

Final tip...Don't feel like you have to make all the changes at once or even ever.  

Take what feels good here and leave the rest.  

Its the small, consistent things we do that feel right for us individually that make all the difference.  

Thanks to Healing Foods: Eat your way to a healthier life by DK Publishing for content regarding food nutrients in this post.

If you'd like an easy button for ordering anything referenced in this blog, you can find my YL Wishlist here!  And my favorite accessories for whipping up the magic on Amazon at this link!

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