Oils & the Bible

The wise men brought three gifts to the baby Jesus: gold,  frankincense, and myrrh. He was King, so gold makes sense, but why frankincense and myrrh?  Why were these given to baby Jesus and what makes them so important and special? Historically, essential oils or aromatic oils were used by Egyptians as early as 4500 B.C. Scripturally, oils appear in the Bible time and time again, often referencing olive oil, but the oils we are about to explore are also all mentioned.

In addition to their historical significance, these oils offer numerous benefits for modern-day use. Sandalwood, also known as aloes, has a warm and woodsy aroma, perfect for relaxation and enhancing member experiences in spas and yoga studios. Cassia, with its unmistakable fragrance, is commonly added to hair products and diffused during the fall and winter months. Cedarwood, mentioned over 20 times in the Bible, is revered for its comforting and uplifting aroma, making it a popular choice for men's aftershaves and colognes.

Each oil in the Oils of Ancient Scripture collection offers unique benefits for mind, body, and spirit. From promoting healthy-looking skin to creating a calming atmosphere for meditation and prayer, these oils are a beautiful addition to any essential oil collection. Experience the power and history of these ancient oils for yourself by adding the Oils of Ancient Scripture collection to your daily routine.

Creating a Cozy Atmosphere

When preparing your home for the holidays, it’s important to set the mood and create an atmosphere that feels “homey” and inviting for your guests and your family. Don’t grab the typical sprays and plug-ins you find in the stores. So many are filled with absolute junk you do not want floating around the air. The same rings true for most household cleaners.