I am so excited you’re joining me to learn more about how to holistically take control of your own health, hormones, and happiness!! As women, finding balance with our hormones is key to living a healthy lifestyle! In this post, I want to help you demystify hormones and how to holistically support them! 

⌓ When it comes to “that time of the month” we are quick to blame hormones for our fluctuating
emotions, blemished skin & uncontrollable cravings, but how many of us understand the science
behind what is really going on in our bodies? The goal of this post is to empower you with the
knowledge you need to support healthy & happy hormones in your body. So let’s start by simply
defining what hormones are.

They are chemical messengers in our body that regulate activity in cells. Hormones are produced
in Endocrine cells and glands and enter the bloodstream to “target” cells with corresponding
receptors for that specific hormone. Once the hormone binds to the receptor, it causes a response
in the cell. Fifty different hormones carry different messages throughout the body, resulting in
different responses or actions.

Here is an example: when it gets dark. the Pineal gland produces Melatonin which is a hormone
that sends the message to the target cells in your body telling them that it is time to sleep.
Understanding the function of different hormones in your body is key to achieving happy
hormones. So let’s start with these... 

⌓ Key Hormones

● Estrogen - Is essential to the menstrual cycle, the development of reproductive organs and
tissues, and supports immune health. The 3 types of Estrogen include Estradiol, which is the
most potent and affects the function of most of your body’s organs, Estriol which primarily
functions during pregnancy, and Estrone most often produced after menopause.

● Progesterone - This hormone is named for its essential function in pregnancy, but also
functions as a calming hormone, as well as improves the body's ability to respond to
estrogen. The hormone also benefits the cardiovascular system by blocking plaque formation
and balancing blood sugar. Strong PMS symptoms can often be linked to low progesterone

● Testosterone - Don’t be fooled, this one is not just important for men. This motivational
hormone helps our body to keep moving and get things done. Testosterone is associated with
the strengthening of ligaments, building of muscles and bones, supporting brain function, and
enhancing libido. Low testosterone can result in fatigue, brain fog, and depression.

⌓ The changing levels of these three hormones significantly impact the hormonal cycle. When the levels
are out of sync, it can have some negative results. Before we jump into that, let’s define what a
healthy hormonal cycle should look like. The average cycle is 28 days with the first day being
marked by the start of your period. The two phases of this cycle, the follicular and the luteal
phase, are bookended by ovulation and menstruation. Let’s take a look at how hormone levels
change in each phase.⌓

● Follicular Phase - This phase starts with menstruation and ends at ovulation. On average,
menstruation usually lasts 5 days and this is when our key hormones are at their lowest. This
is a good time for rest & self-care. After your period ends, estrogen and testosterone will
begin to rise, often accompanied by an improvement in your mood. The 5 days leading up to
ovulation will see even higher levels of all three hormones is the optimal time for intimacy
and connection.

● Luteal Phase - Around day 15 of the cycle, ovulation marks the beginning of the Luteal
phase. Our 3 key hormones tend to be at their peak during ovulation. The days following
ovulation result in a decline of these hormones, but they will peak again around days 20-22.

● Be Empowered - Understanding and tracking your hormonal cycle isn't just important for
reproduction. The changes in hormone levels have a direct impact on your energy, mood, and
emotions, too. Becoming more aware of how you individually react to these changing levels
is essential to harnessing your potential. You will also be more likely to identify when your
hormones are unhealthy or need attention. I recommend using an app to start tracking your
cycle, take notes on how you feel throughout your cycle to become more familiar with your
own body.

⌓ So we already learned that changing hormone levels throughout your hormonal cycle impact
your energy, mood & emotions. Now we want to talk about how to support your body at each step of
the journey. The more familiar you become with your hormonal cycle the better equipped you are
to choose the right support.  I’m going to share 5 oils that can support happy hormones
throughout your cycle.⌓

● Dragon Time - The harmonizing and balancing blend of Clary Sage, Fennel, Lavender,
Jasmine, Marjoram, and Yarrow supports feelings of stability and calm, which makes it the
perfect oil for when hormone levels are low. Gently massaging a few drops with V-6
Vegetable Oil Complex can provide comfort when you experience cramping.

● Tea Tree - When hormones wreak havoc on your skin, Tea Tree’s cleansing properties can
reduce the appearance of blemishes and help to maintain the appearance of healthy skin.
Incorporate a few drops into your nightly skincare routine.

● Grapefruit Vitality - It’s not just a fantastic smelling oil- Grapefruit vitality provides support
for the lymphatic system and helps with weight management as well. Add a few drops into a
cold glass of sparkling water to help stay hydrated.

● Clary Sage - With its herbal and calming aroma, this oil is geared toward women for its
soothing properties. It is known for supporting healthy estrogen levels. This is a great oil to
diffuse to create a tranquil environment.

● Progessence Plus - This blend includes favorites like Frankincense, Bergamot, and
Peppermint, but what makes it special is the bioidentical progesterone included that promotes
feelings of relaxation and balance. Designed especially for women, you can just apply 2-4
drops to your stomach, feet, or inner thighs each day.

⌓ Unfortunately, our diets aren’t always as nutrient-rich as we would like them to be. Even if we
are eating healthy, with the time it takes to go from farm to table our food loses vital nutrients.
This means that supplements are an essential part of supporting healthy & happy hormones. Not
all supplements are created the same. Ingredients matter, from how they are sources they are
combined to work together. Here are my top 4 supplements that I implement as part of my holistic
approach to maintaining balanced hormones.⌓

● Multigreens - Packed with powerhouse greens like spirulina, alfalfa sprouts, barley grass,
bee pollen, eleuthero, Pacific kelp, and more, this herbal supplement supports overall health
and well-being. It is designed to boost vitality by working with the glandular systems.

● Thyromin - Your thyroid produces hormones that regulate vital functions including
metabolism, energy, and body temperature, if it isn’t working properly it can impact your
whole body. This supplement is a curated blend of porcine glandular extracts, herbs, amino
acids, and essential oils designed to support healthy thyroid function.

● Cortistop - Specifically designed for women, this supplement helps the body maintain its
natural balance and harmony even while under stress. The production of too much cortisol
can have a negative impact on your body producing feelings of fatigue, difficulty with weight
management, and even threatening cardiovascular health. The blend of pregnenolone, herbs, and
essential oils in this supplement helps support the glandular systems of women.

● Ningxia Red - If you haven’t tried this yet, what are you waiting for? NingXia Red is filled
with powerful antioxidants and superfoods including wolfberry, plum, aronia, cherry,
blueberry, and pomegranate juices and extracts. This blend of ingredients creates not only a
delicious drink but serves as a supplement that helps support normal cellular function and
promotes healthy energy levels.

⌓ A holistic approach to healthy & happy hormones includes more than just essential oils and
supplements. Our lifestyle and routines play a significant role. Here are some best
practices that you need to start implementing today! ⌓

● Remove Toxins - Steer clear of the fragrances, parabens, and other harsh chemicals found in
many common household products and cosmetics. It can feel overwhelming when you start
to see how many harmful chemicals there are in the products we use every day but start
small. Start by replacing one or two things in your bathroom or kitchen.

● Eat Nutritious Food - My rule is the more color the better. Fill your diet with nutrient-rich
fruits and vegetables & as much as possible choose organic, grass-fed, hormone-free options.

● R&R - Self-care is essential to properly managing stress. Whether this includes a relaxing
bath, a trip to the beach, a hike in nature, or journaling, find what works for you. Take the
time to feed your soul so that you can show up as your best self.

● Supportive Exercise - Workouts don’t have to be intense to be beneficial. Practice yoga,
hike in nature, take a dance class, swim some laps or go for a walk. Exercise should leave
you feeling refreshed and energized.

● Quality Sleep - This is the time your body resets and recharges- it is essential for overall
health and wellness. Not only should you prioritize getting enough sleep, but taking action is
increasing the quality of your sleep. Some pro tips include: unplugging from technology an
hour before bed, sleeping in a cool dark room, and avoiding drinking caffeinated beverages
late in the afternoon.

I hope you feel more empowered to take control of your health & hormones. Thank you for taking the time to learn
more about the importance of achieving healthy and balanced hormones. If you are interested in
looking into any of the products we talked about I have included some information for you

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