Mother's Day is just around the corner, and we have some great ideas that will help you show every mother in your life how special she is to you! Whether she needs a little time to relax, some extra energy from taking care of all the things, some time for pampering, a little emotional TLC, or just some good old-fashioned rest, here are a few ideas that we love!


  • Stress Away Roll-On This blend of copaiba, vanilla, and lime is like an instant beach vacation that's perfect anytime. We love the convenience of the roll-on, and the lovely packaging makes the perfect gift! 
  • Stress Away Bath Bombs For the mom who loves to relax with a long, hot soak, these Stress Away Bath Bombs are essential! All the zen vibes and none of the chemicals found in conventional products.
  • Release Essential Oil Blend Moms carry so much. They are the keepers of schedules, preferences, emotions, menus, responsibilities,, and more, and they often need a big, deep breath to release it all. We love this essential oil blend for daily use. The mix of floral oils makes a lovely perfume!

  • Ningxia Red 2 pack Energy, wellness, vitality. That sums up NingXia Red pretty well, but if you're looking for more simply search in the ‘Resources' tab for all the reasons we love this superfood supplement! Antioxidants are essential for energy, and NingXia is packed with them!
  • Ningxia Nitro Ever heard of ‘mom brain'? It's a real thing - women actually lose grey matter in the brain during pregnancy! Add in all the things moms are juggling and no wonder we need a little help. Enter Nitro. We like to call these little shots ‘brain fuel' because they help us focus! 
  • Super B Super B vitamins are the real MVP when it comes to energy levels. B vitamins are crucial for all of us, and this B complex supplement is hands down the best on the market!

  • Sensation Bath & Shower Gel This lightly floral, distinctively feminine bath and shower gel is perfect for daily pampering and for a long, luxurious soak in the tub! Pair it with one of the items below for a gift that any mom will love!
  • Coconut Lime Body Butter Give mom a little TLC with this delicious body butter that leaves your skin so soft and smooth! The combination of coconut and lime is perfect for warm weather and summer skin, and the large tub lasts all season long!
  • CBD Beauty Boost An absolute MUST-have when it comes to skincare! CBD and rose essential oil combine in this serum that is the envy of all high-end skincare products! Simply add a few drops to a daily moisturizer or use it to make a personalized glow serum!

Emotional TLC
  • Joy One of our favorite essential oils for daily emotional support, Joy is a floral oil that pairs well with Tangerine or Frankincense! Plus, it is incredible on its own and makes a wonderful perfume. This blend is especially helpful for new moms and during the postpartum phase.
  • The Feelings Kit The ultimate in emotional support, this kit includes six essential oil blends that can be used together each day to facilitate emotional release and healing - Valor, Harmony, Forgiveness, Present Time, Inner Child, and Release.
  • White Angelica The friend of those walking through hard times, this essential oil blend is a powerful emotional tool that also doubles as a lovely perfume. It pairs well with Lavender and Orange and is just as lovely diffused as it is worn!

  • Lavender Bath & Shower Gel Infused with Lavender, Davana, Lemon, and Myrrh essential oils, this bath and shower gel is a favorite for daily use as well as a nice long bubble bath! Let mom sit and soak in the tub with the diffuser going for a little rest (and maybe even a nap)! 
  • Lavender Hand & Body Lotion This is the perfect sequel to a lavender shower or bath, and it leaves the skin so soft and nourished! The calming scent of lavender helps the mind and body relax and find rest, especially after a full day of being a mom!
  • CBD Calm Roll-On The ultimate in zen rollers, the CBD Calm Roll-on is CBD infused with calming oils like Lavender, Frankincense, Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Vetiver. Not only does this roller smell incredible, but it also brings an instant sense of calm and rest!
So, if you see Sam this month, tell him his momma wants a few of these ;)

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